How to write a research paper in 2 weeks only

Now anyone who has been set the task of writing a research paper will tell you that it's not a simple activity. And so if you decide that you have to or need to or want to write a research paper in only two weeks, well then you are really giving yourself a stern task. Better to have a backup with paper writers cheap help, in case you have your time out. The key to success is organization or finding a good research paper writing service. If you rush in and start writing a research paper from day one chances are you'll make a mess of things, have to go back and start again and certainly not achieve your goal.

So with organization the key here are the steps you should take.

The first thing you need to do is create a timetable. This will divide the next two weeks into daily slots. You need to set up milestones. For example you could have ‘Complete the detailed outline on day four’. On day five you will write the first draft and so on. By having this timetable you are able to keep tabs on your progress. You need to be sensible in setting the milestones. You need to leave at least three days at the end of the two weeks where you can spend time without being under pressure to revise and edit.

So the selection of the title and topic is absolutely vital. Because you've got only 14 days in which to complete the entire research paper, you need to be certain that the topic really suits your interests and abilities. You need to be certain that there is plenty of relevant research material from which you can draw information. If you already know details about this topic then that will be to your advantage.

Now once you start to think about the contents of your research paper you must create a brilliant thesis statement. This will sum up what your research paper is all about, what you're setting out to prove. Take your time in creating this thesis statement. Everything else will flow from it. If it's a question make sure it's one to which you can answer in great detail. If it's a statement make sure it's one you can prove with solid supporting evidence.

Writing process

  • Planning

    Your plan or outline must be detailed. You must include every point you wish to make in the research paper. You place them in order of priority so that the most important point comes first. Without this detailed outline, you will struggle to complete your research paper in the two weeks. Need help with term paper or thesis! Hire a professional paper writing service and get it done.

  • Writing Stage

    Then you come to writing a research paper at least in the first draft stage. And here you are relying on your excellent outline. If it is chock a block full of relevant information, then you can put your head down and write and write and write. It doesn't matter about spelling mistakes or any other things which are not correct. Write your first draft as quickly as possible.

  • Now the real task begins.

    Now you go through your research paper and obviously remove the mistakes but also any repetition and ambiguous writing. This is the polishing part of your research paper. This is where you take as much time as you need to get the research paper into tip top shape. Remember you don't get a prize for finishing the research paper in two weeks. You get a prize for writing a top quality research paper in two weeks. This is where you turn your first draft into a quality piece of writing.

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