15 Attention Grabbing Term Paper Topics about Unemployment

Unemployment is a social topic that always seems to generate interest. It is almost a no-brainer to find a related topic, but there is more to writing a term paper on unemployment. It needs to be interesting and a little bit off the beaten track. A student who is hoping to get a good grade has to be a little bit original and seek a topic that grabs attention. Teachers do not want to be bored by a simple recitation of facts. If you write on a topic that grabs attention, you are setting the stage for getting a very good grade. You might want to think about any of the following term paper headlines.

  • Unemployment Benefits and the Effect on Job Searches.
  • Teenage Unemployment and Its Effect on School Grades.
  • Baby Boomer Unemployment: How Does It Affect Retirement Benefits?
  • Globalization and Unemployment in Developing Countries.
  • Unemployment and Its Effect on Self-Esteem in Young Women.
  • Unemployment Benefits Payment Periods: How Long Is Too Long?
  • Unemployment As It Affects Rural Crime.
  • Does Unemployment Have Any Positive Effect on Inflation?
  • The Impact of Unemployment on a Blended Family.
  • Should Unemployment Benefits Be Focused on Certain Industries?
  • Do Unemployment Benefits Have a Negative Impact on Skills Training?
  • What Economic Incentives Have a Positive Impact on Unemployment?
  • Will Social Media Be Able to Lower Unemployment Rates?
  • Does Raising the Minimum Wage Have a Positive Impact on Unemployment?
  • Would a Training Wage for Teenagers Reduce Unemployment Rates?

Once you have grabbed the reader’s attention (i.e. your teacher), you have to tell the story. You must show your ability to analyze the topic and bring out facts that may or may not be well known. This allows you the opportunity to demonstrate research capabilities and analysis as well. This is all meant to be a learning process and you can develop some very necessary skills in exploring the topic. You gain even more by using a topic that is original. Yes, it is going to take a little more time and effort, but you expect to do that in order to get a good grade.

Writing on a unique topic is going to provide benefits for you that go above and beyond the short-term grade. You will discover that you may have an interest in the subject matter and want to pursue a little bit further. You also notice that your writing style develops and matures as you explore the area. This does not have to be a boring waste of time, but an opportunity to develop some very important knowledge tools.

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