Top 30 Term Paper Topics To Trigger Your Passion For Writing

This article will inspire you to re-ignite your writing passion. A list of subject-related ideas is suggested to prompt you towards writing. These topics are academically-inclined but will also enhance your creative writing experience.

English Literature

  • Classics – The language you speak and write today began with Greek tragedies and myths.

  • Shakespeare – English literature studies must include close readings of the greatest English writer.

  • Poetry – Include readings of non-narrative texts to your creative writing experience.

  • Nineteenth-century literature – Literary standards were raised during this era.

  • Twentieth-century classics – The greatest American novels were written during this century.

  • Pulitzer Prize winners – Modern classics have evolved from this elite group.

Cultural studies

  • Latin America – American cultural studies include the works produced by South American authors.

  • Modern romance literature – You will be observing the evolution of your heritage through translated non-English (European) language texts.

  • Feminism – Read works produced by the last century’s best-known female writers.

  • Music – This is an underrated but rewarding genre.

  • Native American origins – Experience the origins of the American story and the oral traditions of the continent’s forefathers.

  • Film and literature – View film adaptations of previously written works.

Economics and technology

  • Theory Fundamentals – Study what today’s marketing principles are based on.

  • Capitalism – Describe its origins and what motivates the nation to maintain the status quo.

  • Communism – Note why this alternative failed in the past and why it may fail again.

  • Socialism – This principle is yet to be truly tested.

  • Profiles – Read inspirational stories about the world’s leading entrepreneurs.

  • Social media – Look at all the positive and negative trends of this modern phenomenon.

Environmental studies and global warming

  • Al Gore – Begin with the groundbreakers and the former Senator and Vice-President.

  • Climate change – Find answers to why extreme weather patterns are being experienced today.

  • Global warming – Study the science behind this, covering Earth’s history since its origins.

  • Environmental sustainability – Look into the future.

  • Community initiatives – See what is being done to create better living environments.

  • Barack Obama – Interrogate government’s responses.

History and politics

  • Religious studies – Begin with the earliest origins of human thought.

  • Philosophic periods of enlightenment – How you do things today is based on this critical period.

  • The founding fathers – Studies of history and politics should include observations of the founding principles of nationhood.

  • World wars – Many wars were fought during the last century.

  • Democracy – Read about why it is still the bastion of freedom.

  • The new world order – Create your analogies as alternatives to fictional scenarios.

You have a list of thirty term paper topics to choose from. You should be motivated to begin writing on a subject close to your own heart while still maintaining high academic standards.

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