The Top 20 Best Business Law Term Paper Ideas

Business law refers to the body of law that applies to business entities such as corporations, partnerships or sole proprietorships. Business law has been a rich source of research and continues to be an area that attracts researchers. Here is a list of 20 great business law term paper ideas:

  1. The internet and its impact on the fundamental right of free speech.
  2. Intellectual property rights and piracy in the developing world. What kind of legal framework can be developed to tackle the problem?
  3. Slips and falls at work. What can be done to prevent the abuse of business law?
  4. Bitcoins and other online currencies. What are the reasons which make it necessary to rein in online currencies through laws and regulations?
  5. Intellectual property rights and the internet. What kind of legal framework can be developed to stop online piracy?
  6. What laws can be brought in to stop fraudulent online gambling websites? Can laws be brought in to prevent addiction to online gambling?
  7. Online banking and the case for strengthening secure data transmission protocols.
  8. How to prevent racial discrimination in the workplace. Illustrate with examples of real world cases.
  9. Explore how Anti Age Discrimination legislation came about. What were the motivations behind its introduction and has it been successful in curbing age discrimination?
  10. Laws governing labour unions. Are they helpful or discriminatory?
  11. What are the ethical and legal issues as related to the production of a product for mass consumption by the public?
  12. Explore the reasons why a Sexual Harassment Law is required. What can be done to improve the law as it stands currently?
  13. What laws govern the ethical and legal treatment of animals used in the pharmaceutical industry? Is it adequate and what can be done to improve it?
  14. How would you change the law so that online bullying on social media stops without affecting the internet companies’ bottom line?
  15. What changes in legislation can help improve the safety of children on social media and the internet at large?
  16. How would you reform tort law so that both the consumer and business remain protected from frivolous litigation?
  17. How can the law protect the privacy of the individual on the internet?
  18. How does trademark law prevent the copying of a business trademark?
  19. What are the advantages and disadvantages of collective bargaining unions?
  20. Explore how business law seeks to protect leakage of proprietary information due to employee defections to rival companies.

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