Brainstorming US History Term Paper Ideas: 20 Good Suggestions

Composing a great US history term paper comes down to command of the English language, great writing skills, and selecting an original and interesting topic. History offers a lot of opportunities to do just this, but sometimes students run into a mental block when they’re brainstorming ideas. Here are 20 good suggestions to consider:

  1. Provide a documentary history of the papers written by William Penn. Why are they important in American culture and how are they considered foundational documents?
  2. Though noted for his contributions to the English crown, Sir Walter Raleigh has an important role in the formation of the colonies in America. How does he play into the myth behind the birth of a nation?
  3. What are some of the unknown reasons for the start of the American Revolutionary war? How did these reasons speed up or slow down the start between England and the Revolutionary Colonists?
  4. Discuss the WWII Buffalo Soldier’s story and how it was represented as a war within a war.
  5. How does George Washington play into the development of early American Presidency?
  6. What have his precedents set for the next 200 years?
  7. How have the development of a two party system affected the way the nation has faced international issues beneath the blanket of a national identity?
  8. Explore the role of women in the American Revolution. How did secret and non-secret writings from women help influence the colonists’ decision to become independent?
  9. Discuss the American economic development across different periods. How have global events played a part in this development?
  10. Provide a study on the development of new accounting practices during the U.S.’s economic growth after the Second World War.
  11. How has the Vietnam experience been portrayed across various forms of literature, films and songs?
  12. Analyze the rise and fall of the political relationship between Cuba and America and how do recent events suggest that relations are improving?
  13. Discuss the long power struggle involved in the history of African American political power across different areas.
  14. Provide a history of the Tuskegee Airmen in WWII and how America perceives them today.
  15. How has oral history transformed to movie script and how has the country’s depiction of history been represented?
  16. Explore the role and impacts of African Americans in WWII using firsthand accounts and memoirs?
  17. What role does military history play in today’s educational system? Do you think there should be a greater emphasis on this?
  18. Describe the state of African Americans during the Great Depression. How did this period influence reasons why African Americans were so willing to fight in WWII?
  19. The history of an uplifted race: how black leadership, politics and culture has developed in the twentieth century?
  20. How has the history of American sports played a part in the development of cultural differences between cities and states?
  21. How often are issues in American history brought into question in light of new evidence or artifacts that shed some light on alternative rules?

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