Picking Up Good Victorian Literature Research Paper Topics

If you’re studying English literature, then you may well be required to examine Victorian literature in more detail. If this is the case then you are probably wondering how you can pick a good topic for your research paper.

Carrying out research in order to find a topic

A good way of thinking of topic ideas is to carry out any necessary research. For example, you can use any textbooks that you might have in order to see any relevant ideas that may be included. Alternatively, it will probably be far easier just to use the Internet in order to look for ideas.

If you use any of the major search engines, then you can quickly find various authors, literary pieces, poets and other topics related to Victorian literature. If you have heard of any of the authors or books that you find, then you may wish to consider writing about them; alternatively, you may wish to challenge yourself to write about a topic from the Victorian era of literature that you have yet to study.

As well as looking at the results provided for you by search engines, there are other ways in which you can find good topic ideas. For example, you may wish to look through any past papers that have been written by other people. You can then see what titles they use, and try and use these ideas as inspiration for your own topic.

Another great piece of advice is that you should consider what kind of literature you want to write about before looking for topics. For example, you may wish to talk about poetry, or you may wish to look at any Victorian novels. To give you some further ideas, the list below contains a range of different topics based on Victorian literature.

  • An analysis of poetry from the Boer War
  • Is Charles Dickens’s depiction of Victorian Britain accurate?
  • An analysis of English literature from 1837 to 9001
  • What impact did the Brontë sisters have on women’s literature in the Victorian era?
  • A comparison of George Eliot and Thomas Hardy
  • What can we learn about Victorian Britain from the poetry of Alfred Tennyson?
  • The life and times of Oscar Wilde
  • A comparison of rich and poor areas of society as to pick it in Victorian literature
  • Who was the most influential British poet during the Victorian era?
  • An in-depth analysis of Far from the Madding Crowd

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