How To Write Research Paper Acknowledgments

While you are doing an academic writing, giving credit to funding bodies, departments and individuals who have supported you and been beside you throughout your whole project, for instance by giving financial support or by providing you with necessary feedbacks at the initiation level , is very much important. Such brief written notes of thanks are called acknowledgements.

What should be the content?

While writing a journal article, you can give a brief note showing your thankfulness, appreciation to the people who have always been there when you needed help. Whereas when you are an author of book or a research paper, the acknowledgment should be considerably long as you would need the assistance of many people throughout your project.

Publishers and other departments have their specific guideline on how to come up with an acknowledgement note. Different organizations may have different formats. Funding bodies may have precise guidelines on how their help and assistance should be credited.

Generally, the main format of the acknowledgement note has the following things

  • Providing of full names of all the individual that have been there for your help as a mentor, guide or just as an assistance. They should be credited wholeheartedly as without the smaller bits of help the larger interest would never have had been a success.
  • After providing with the name, you must introduce the readers with the relation that you share with each and every one briefly. There may be groups of people or scholars or your college professor. You should describe a little about each individual.
  • In some case of your research paper work you may be in need of ethical clearance or you may have to get permission for doing some work on streets or any private area. The permissions are granted by higher authorities such as local police or councillors. You should state their name in the acknowledgment note.

Distinction between ‘acknowledgment’ and ‘dedication’

One thing students should clearly keep in their mind is the difference between acknowledgement and dedication. They should never confuse in this two distinct topics.

Acknowledgement as described above is a note thanking all the people that have been a support system for you to construct this whole project. Without their help it would have been pretty difficult for you to come up all alone with this humongous task. Whereas dedication is a personal note or more precisely a personal statement which says in “on whose honour the article or the research work has been done”. It can be any one close to you, your mom, dad, sibling or some special friend or relatives etc.

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