How To Write A Research Paper Bibliography In The APA Format

A bibliography is the systematic description of all the books or articles arranged in alphabetical order that are used as reference for writing an eminent scale article. It is one of the most integral parts of academic writing or research paper. APA format is employed for writing essays usually for science topics. It is usually the best form of essay that requires less time and energy while making it look more presentable and influential.

  • Fresh page start: A bibliography should always be started from a fresh page. It should include all the resources read or seen and used as a reference list for taking suggestions.

  • Align title of the page in the centre: Write “References” or “Bibliography” without underlining or italicizing the text.

  • Alphabetical listing based on last names of authors:

    • For more than two authors, last name of the authors should be listed with the title page.
    • Based on 2010 APA manual, you should at least state name of 7 authors.
    • If there are more than 8 authors, first 6 should be followed by comma or three periods and then the last name of the authors.
    • For edited books, write the editors name as ‘Ed’. If the book does not have authors write first word of the title (don’t use “An” OR “ The”).

  • Way to list the authors: Write the author’s last name and then the first initials, separating the names with a comma and initials with a period. Example: Smith, M.A.

  • Date of publication: Write the list of publication in between parentheses after the author’s name Example: (2010).

  • Date format: Abbreviate all the months except May, June and July. Be consistent in all he entries that you make for example- “6 Feb. 2007”.

  • Title of article: Write the first alphabet and the nouns of the title in capital ending with a period. Never use quotation marks or italics for the title.

  • Place of publication: City or state should be written first and then the publisher’s name should be written after a period. Example: California, MA: New York House.

  • Hanging indent: Align everything except the first lines of all the entries.

  • Follow APA websites for references.

  • List the books or journals in italicized text with a period after the title: For books, capitalize the first word and subsequent nouns of the title only and end it with a period. For example- for journal, you need to capitalize all the major words inserting comma, adding the volume number and issue number in parentheses.

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