Writing A Sociology Research Paper Methods Section In A Proper Way

The method section in the Sociology paper should offer all the details regarding the methods employed, procedures followed and the materials used. It offers in-depth and meticulous information regarding the research design, participants involved, small or big equipments used, all the materials, possible variables and the actions taken by the participants. This section needs to be descriptive so that the readers or other researchers can understand the authenticity of the experiment while conducting any study.

Headings and subheadings to be used in method section:

  • Participants: Describe the number of participants as in who they are and why and how they have been selected. Example- “100 children randomly selected from the elementary school in Arizona”.

  • Materials: Mention all the materials employed. State the measures taken, equipments used and stimuli use in the experiment. This segment involves testing instruments, the use of technical equipments, books and images used while the course for the study conducted.

  • Design: Illustrate the type of design used. Specify all the variables and their levels. Explain if your experiment employs a “between group design” or “within group design”.

  • Procedure: The next section is the procedure segment that details all the procedure employed in the experiment. This is the place the researcher needs to explain what you instructed the participants to do. How you collected data? What was the order of steps that your participants go through etc? Example- An examiner in Arizona school conducted interview of 100 children. He offered them a set of two stories to each student that was of 500 words. The students were supposed to complete all the questions based on the story. Their answers would be recorded in a sheet and their mental assessment and skill assessment will be made based on that.

Some other tips for writing the method section:

  • Method section should be written in past tense.

  • Enough details should be offered so that another researcher can replicate and test your experiment being concise. Unnecessary details should be avoided that are irrelevant in context of outcomes of the experiment.

  • While you are writing the Sociology research paper, follow the APA format that is published by American Psychological Association.

  • Consulting with the instructors of your University after preparing the rough draft is a good idea. They will offer additional assistance regarding the pitfalls you created in research paper writing.

  • Proofread your Sociology paper for any kind of typing errors, grammatical issues, spelling mistakes committed. Relying blindly on the computer spell checker is not suggested. Pay focus to each method section. Remember steps and procedure should not be stated in results and discussion segment.

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