Composing A Thesis Statement: Guidelines And Examples

Not every student recognizes the importance of the thesis statement. To the teacher, it indicates what points the student has chosen, have the ideas been thought out carefully, and what the paper will prove at the very end. It is the most important piece of the entire composition. Here are a few guidelines and thesis statement examples:

Guidelines and Examples

  • Be very precise in your language, for example: the novel Little Women is a timepiece that portrays women as being defined by cultural and societal definitions such as work, home, and education.
  • You must have data to support your thoughts, for example: Living Green will never be 100% as long as the prices for energy saving appliances, recycling, and electric cars are beyond the means of the average citizen.
  • Consider using trending and universal topics, for example: ISIS will continue to threaten every citizen unless the terrorist group is captured, contained, or destroyed.
  • Have fun with your topic, too, for example: The Kardasians have defined what values society finds important and they have changed the world of television.
  • Hot topics are great topics, just make sure to keep a lid on emotions, for example: Abortion is murder because scientific studies have shown that the fetus has a heart beat immediately, it has sensation immediately, and it is considered to be a human by religious leaders.
  • Write about a hobby, for example: The NFL must get a grasp on the addiction, abuse, and mental issues exhibited by may of their star players.
  • Contrast and compare papers can be fun for example: Peyton Manning’s passing, rushing, and postgame performance makes him a better quarterback than Tom Brady. Another example might be that: The Miami Heat without LeBron James is better as a whole than the Cleveland Cavaliers with LeBron James.

Once you have selected that perfect title, then you will need to do a quick scan to ensure that there will be support for your main points. If there is not support, you will need to revise or you will need to select a new topic. Then you will move from the thesis statement to research and outline phases. To move ahead, this statement must be perfect. Revision will be helpful. These will give you the material and the direction of your paper. But remember, it all starts with a strong and concise thesis statement.

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