Looking For An Effective Research Paper Problem Statement Example

A lot of students get tasked with writing their research paper and then dive in head first without giving too much thought to whether or not their work is going to be viable. This is a recipe for disaster and I have lost track of the amount of students that have flunked precisely because of this reason. Before you undertake a single bit of actual research the first thing that you need is to obtain an example of a research paper problem statement.

Why do you need this?

Well, the problem statement example not only sets out the format and serves as a guide for you to follow but it can also help you keep the whole thing in perspective and prevent it running away from you. The problem statement example is a definitive scope of work and writing one and pinning it to somewhere visible can help focus your mind.

So where do you go looking for an effective research paper problem statement example?

Your university resource center

Your college or university should have a centralized resource center which will be full of information just like this. Alternatively, you could always ask the person that handed you down the initial assignment if they haven’t already offered up an example.

The internet

There are several places online that you can turn to for information of this nature:

  • Student communities – Online student communities offer up a great opportunity not only for you to access vital resources but also to network with your peers. I would recommend signing up for as many as possible.
  • Professional services – There are a lot of businesses offering up papers of all kinds for a price. Some of these are perfectly viable and definitely worth considering. However, inevitably some are scams and rip off artists. Always check references as the buck stops with you in terms of ensuring that you are happy with the service provider chosen
  • Google Scholar - This incredible resource is free and generally perceived as being a reputable “Go to” place for papers of all kinds.

Closer to home

You shouldn’t have to venture too far to be able to get your hands on an effective example of a research paper problem statement. If you live in student accommodation then I am fairly sure that there will be someone close by that will be able to help you out. Friends, family, acquaintances can all be leaned on for information of this nature.

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