How To Gather Information For A Research Paper: Great Techniques

One of the most complex papers that you may be asked to write is a research paper. It aims to make a claim about the topic that you chose to write about. It should discuss something that you have learned while researching your topic. You would start off with a general topic that you are interested in and start reading articles, books, journals, and other written information on your subject. You will develop a thesis statement which is a general statement that describes something that you have learned. It is what your paper will aim to prove.

You would then work on finding at least three reasons to support your main point or thesis. Each of these points will be discussed in detail in the body of your paper. You will be asked to support your paragraphs with evidence from your research. The best way to know what you have to find information on is to develop an outline. It should list all of your main points and then you can continue to focus on proving them to your audience. Now that you have an idea what you are looking for, here is an idea of how to gather information.

  • Look for information on your main topic for the introduction. It should include some background information to help explain the topic. If you find a very interesting quote, you can present it as your first sentence to pull the reader in.
  • You will also want to find direct quotes to prove each of your supporting points. You want to find direct evidence for each point and present it in the body paragraphs. Make sure that you follow each direct quote with reasoning. It will explain how that quote proves the point. It is very important.
  • When you work towards only including evidence that proves your thesis, you will do a lot better. Follow your outline and stay on track. Even if you find something interesting on your topic, if it doesn’t prove the point, it will actually draw away from the paper rather than improve it.

You should really utilize your outline and thesis to guide your research. Only take notes on things that work with your paper so you don’t have to sort through it later. Make sure to clearly mark where you found the information so that you can properly cite it and give credit to the original author.

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