How To Make A Good Research Paper Introduction In Four Steps

Your introduction to you research paper is a very important, if not the most important, part of the essay. It has to capture your reader’s attention, be entertaining, be informative, and be easy to read. There are four distinct and important steps to follow when creating your essay beginning.


  1. Have a great thesis statement-after you have picked your idea, you then need to select your main points. These main points must support your theory. If one is weaker than the other, place that idea in the middle of the two stronger points. Make sure the sentence is clear, easy to read, and written in a proper structure. This thesis statement will be the road map for your entire paper.

  2. Have a hook- a hook is a device used to gain your reader’s attention. The hook pulls in the reader and makes him or her want to read all of the paper. Good examples of hook devices are quotes, stories, data, or examples about your topic. It must be a story relevant to the topic or it will not do its job. The hook is a strong piece that acts as a magnetic device to the reader or to the audience of the composition.

  3. Make it flawless-nothing is worse than reading a beginning with great ideas, a good thesis, a nice hook, and background…but it has spelling and grammar errors. This just tells the teacher that that paper will be filled with errors. The beginning must be mistake free.

  4. Include background materials-you will want to include background material on your subject. This is frequently where students will make a big mistake. They include too much material. I have read papers that had more background material than it had support and discussion of the main points. Five to ten relevant facts placed in six to eight sentences is more than enough material on the history of the subject. It should not distract from the main ideas of the paper.

As you write your paper and you focus on the beginning, use our tip sheet for help. This will help you to make it perfect. You will want to make sure that you have a thesis statement, include a hook or attention getter, it must be perfect and free of mistakes, and it should have background information.

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