Searching For A Well Written Turabian Style Research Paper Sample

The Turabian style paper was created by Kate Turabian and published by the University of Chicago. The style, just like MLA or APA, has set guidelines that you should and should not use. It is the same as The Chicago Manual of Style. It has footnote type citing in a partnership with parenthetical cites. MA and PhD students, as opposed to lower collegiate level, high school, or middle school, use the Turabian style. If you are searching for a well-written Turabian style sample to follow you will want to be more selective in your search than normal. Consider looking at:

  • The Library for Your Field of Subject-Your field of study should have a collegiate library in addition to the general library on campus. Go to the library and ask the attendant or media specialist for the archived papers. You will find papers covering your field in all the different formatting styles. If you are lucky, the pieces will be sorted by topic and style. These examples will work as fine models for you when you construct your piece.

  • Your Advisor’s Office-Hopefully at this point of your academic career, you know your advisor rather well. You should make an appointment to go see him or her. Then explain to the advisor that you would like to peruse the sample essays he or she might have on hand. Again, if you are lucky, they will be sorted by style and by subject.

  • At Writing Company or with a Personal Tutor-because this is a higher-level kind of structure; you may have to go to the experts to see models. If your trip to the library and to see your advisor did not work or yield results, simply ask around for tutor or writing company recommendations from your friends. You can then hire the one you want and be able to see as many example papers in whatever style you want. Additionally, the tutor or company will help you to write your piece. This will require paying a fee and prices do vary with tutoring being more expensive than the writing company is.

As you search for a well-written Turabian style research essay, consider going to your subject library, visiting your advisor, or hiring a tutor or writing company for assistance. One of these three places will yield just the model for which you are searching.

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