4 Places To Check When Searching For An Example Of A Research Paper Acknowledgment

No matter what subject you’re studying, it’s likely that at some point you are going to encounter a time when a research paper is expected of you. When this happens, it is easy to fall victim to stress and panic – these papers are often overwhelming and require a lot of time and effort. At the end of it all, it’s important to write an acknowledgement that mentions any author, paper, teachers, helpers, etc. who assisted in the final production of your research essay. If you don’t quite know how to write an acknowledgement section, it’s helpful to look for examples of existing acknowledgements to give you an idea of how to structure and write your section. Here are four places you can look to to find examples:

  1. Ask your professor: Most likely, the professor who assigned the initial paper has held on to previous students’ papers and would be more than happy to offer you their work to give you an idea of how to structure your own. Ask if they have any papers available for you to look at and base your own off of, and if they don’t, see if they can just show you the acknowledgment. Explain that you aren’t very sure about how to handle this section, and you’d like to acknowledge an existing source to refer to.

  2. Check online: A simple search on any search engine will provide you with several samples –both free and online – for you to refer to. Some sites will even provide a breakdown of this section’s structure for you to follow closely. This will allow you to create a strong and sure acknowledgement.

  3. Check your library: Just like professors, your local library might have past essays on hand for students to check with when writing their own. Many tutors and after school help sessions meet up at the library to work, so you could even ask an advisor to assist you.

  4. Your classmates: Friends and peers are usually in the same boat as you and will often have already completed the work you are currently assigned to. If that’s the case, ask your friends and classmates if they have any past research essays or acknowledgement sections that you can look at. Read their version and then read the comments provided by the teacher and take those comments into consideration when writing your own paper.

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