Using An Example Term Paper For High School Efficiently

High school students have a systematic syllabus which grades and test their cognitive and learning powers. They are expected to scale up their capacities. Yet, it is agreed that they are not grown and mature enough to handle term papers on their own. In this light, it is fascinating to note how a term paper can actually be used in the scope of a high school to propel students.

What students learn

Students, through the term paper, take a tour across sytematization, presentation and poignancy of ideas. They understand the actual tone of essays and learn to assess situations in a methodical manner.

Let’s take a term paper example to rest the case.

Rising rate of violence and the impact of terrorism on it

Now, the term paper will have apt title page and abstract placing the title, author and his institution’s name. The essay starts from the third page onward.


The bombing of twin towers in New York on 11th September, 2001 had a significant impact on adolescents. Since then, there have numerous abject cases of violence led by Al Quaida and ISIS. There have been numerous journals and reviews written on the impact. The credence has been strengthened by some fact-finding movies on terrorism, specifically movies like Munich and Zero Dark Thirty. This essay probes the actual extent of terrorism on the rising rate of violence based on a survey made on 30 respondents. Their responses have been carefully analyzed and integrated into the findings. The effect of mass media has also been assessed on a tertiary level.


Sampling survey

The survey was carried on 30 people living in the Central Business District of Seattle City. They were posed with questions on what they would have done had they got similar upbringing, atmosphere and provocation. They were also questioned about the frequency of times when they felt rage against a particular setup and felt like having the power to pulverise the setup. They were also asked as to how much they have been influenced by the acts of terrorism, relevant movies and running reports on mass media.


20 people said that any commoner can easily be swayed if he gets relevant atmosphere and provocation at the time. They also stated that mass media has redefined the status of women, sex and violence in a setup. 6 people suggested that crime is in-built and can only be modulated by terrorism acts or mass media. 4 people were uncertain of how they or others may react.


It is an easy inference from the survey that most people carry the germ of violence and may turn into terrorists if nurtured in a particular manner. The acts of terrorism and their macabre success rate as also the indiscretion of mass media plays a significant part. I propose that there should be imposition of proper regulations on the relay of these acts into commoners homes through instruments of mass media.

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