Writing A Term Paper About Grammar: 5 Things To Remember

Writing a term paper on a grammar topic is a task that will bring difficulties to the majority of students. Not everyone even understands grammar rules perfectly, so doing research on this topic might seem like a nightmare to some students. However, if you take your task seriously and do your research properly, you’ll write a decent term paper. Here are some basic rules you should know when working on your paper.

  1. Choose a good topic.
  2. This step is very essential, because different topics might have different levels of difficulty. The topic you choose should be known to you and easy to research. In this case, you’ll spend more time on actual writing of your paper rather than on gathering necessary information. Your topic should also be narrow. For example, you may write about grammar differences in two dialects of one language.

  3. Do necessary research.
  4. When your topic is chosen, you should gather the information that you will use to write your term paper. You may approach your teacher and ask whether he or she knows which sources are better for your particular topic. You may also do research on the Internet, but remember that not all information that is found online might be reliable.

  5. Create your thesis.
  6. The next step is to compose your thesis statement. It’s a single sentence that resembles the idea of your whole paper. You should think carefully when creating it, because a poorly written thesis might negatively affect your score. Consult your teacher to achieve a better result.

  7. Make your outline.
  8. Basing on your research, gathered information and thesis statement, you should make an outline for your paper. This is an important step, because if you don’t pay much attention to this matter, your paper might look like a set of facts and arguments that are randomly thrown in one pile. Make sure that your outline is logical and that every new paragraph follows the information given in the previous paragraphs.

  9. Write your term paper.
  10. The final step is to write your paper. You should begin with the introductory section where you present your topic and indicate its importance. Place your thesis statement in the end of the introduction. In the body you should explain the theoretical part of your topic and raise your arguments supporting them with evidence from your sources. Then, in the concluding part you should summarize your points, indicate the significance of your work and suggest the ways for a further research of your subject. Proofread your paper to eliminate any mistakes.

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