5 Psychology Topics For Creating A High-Quality Term Paper

In order to write a high-quality term paper in psychology you have to research your topic thoroughly, give yourself enough time to compose several drafts, and finally going through some in-depth proofreading and editing. All of this can seem tedious at first but can be made much simpler by first selecting a unique topic that is challenging to you, genuinely interests you, and inspires you to focus throughout the writing process. Here are 5 really good topics to consider:

  1. How the sight or thought of tasty food makes people feel hunger.
  2. This kind of study has first developed in the 12th century and evolved through the years as a classical conditioning study. It bases its principles on the theory that when presented with an unconditioned stimulus like food a person will respond with an unconditioned response. One of the most famous studies was conducted by Pavlov in which he conditioned dogs to salivate when they heard the click of a metronome.

  3. The Ways in Which the Collective Unconscious is Made of Archetypes.
  4. This psychoanalytical study attempted to explain why myths and symbols from distinct and separate cultures were so similar. For instance, the snake is feared or associated with evil across several mythologies, suggesting that humans must have a shared knowledge as a result of experiences we share as a species.

  5. How the Instinctual Struggle Between Life and Death Continues Throughout Life.
  6. In another psychoanalytical study, psychologists tried to explain the instincts we have to survive and strive towards self-destruction are mutual and necessary throughout human life. The struggle occurs in that death is natural, but the desire for life causes a natural tension between the two that lasts a lifetime.

  7. The Ways in Which People Feel an Urge toward Social Conformity.
  8. Social psychologist, Solomon Asch, made brought this to the forefront of psychology when he challenged the idea of humans as autonomous beings by suggesting that humans have a natural urge to conform or be accepted by a larger group. It brings up notions of survival that may date back to early man. The experiments by Asch suggested that people will tend to want to conform even if it meant going against their own values or principles.

  9. How Flashbulb Memories Occur Because of Events of High Emotionality.
  10. In memory studies, flashbulb memories are defined as those special kinds of highly-detailed, autobiographical memories when they can people can recount the exact moment when something occurred that was especially shocking. An example would the Kennedy Assassination or the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks.

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