Sixteen Interesting Topics For Your Research Paper On Child Psychology

When you doing your postgraduate degree (or any university course) in psychology, you may want to focus your research paper on child psychology and explore the different factors that could impact it. There are so many different topics that you could discuss and the possibilities are simply endless. Obviously, you would need to have some prior knowledge and experience in the field of psychology before you are able to do this – if you do, then child psychology would be a good research topic for you. If you are ever struggling to come up with an interesting topic, here is a list:

  1. Teaching infants sign language – help or hindrance?
  2. Parenting styles – the effects of it on children’s physical activity
  3. Music and the effects – does it help with examination scores?
  4. Bullying – a study on effects of the bullied and the bully
  5. Healthy food in appealing package – does it help or not?
  6. Breakfast – Does eating it help with study or not
  7. How do children build self-efficacy?
  8. Does goal setting help or hurt a child’s study?
  9. Is homework going to make children less active?
  10. Impact of childhood on adulthood
  11. Comparing children’s self confidence in the U.S. and the U.K.
  12. Do sports improve a child’s self-confidence
  13. Should children be given more freedom to develop cognitive skills?
  14. Reward or punishment – the views on homework
  15. Do games like word search help with developing cognitive skills?
  16. Should children be allowed to play violent games?

Above is a short list of 16 interesting topics that you might want to talk about in your research paper. Take note that a research paper can be based on absolutely anything! So if you are interested in it, you can by all means conduct a research on it. There is no right or wrong in a research paper – if you can’t find any relationship between the variables, it is still perfectly fine. Remember, a research is about an attempt to discover new things, not necessarily discovering new things! That’s why you do these work, because you never know what you can find out! Children psychology is a rather complex topic and it requires a lot more research now, so that the future generations could have a better understanding of how the minds of children work. It’s important!

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