A List Of The Most Powerful Term Paper Topics On John F. Kennedy

Few presidents have been considered with as much awe as John F. Kennedy known by most as JFK. His beautiful wife and young family gave a new life to the White House which had previously seemed like an unapproachable and stale place.

Despite living a very short life, he managed to do a great deal with his time in office so there are many things you could choose to write about. Here are a few decent term paper ideas:

  1. The Kennedy Curse: How one of America's most prominent families became a magnet for tragedy
  2. Temporary Camelot: The Golden Era of the American White House
  3. The Obama's and the Kennedy's: A comparison of two of the younger more celebrated presidents
  4. Marilyn and John: A look at the way scandals were handled in the White House in the pre-Clinton era
  5. The Cuban Missile Crisis: How JFK’s actions led to one of the world’s longest standing trade embargoes
  6. American Civil Rights: The story of a president’s reaction to calls for justice from one segment of society
  7. The Kennedy Assassination: The last incident of a sitting president being murdered
  8. JFK the War Hero
  9. JFK and the progressive agenda
  10. Catholicism and the Presidency: Why no presidents before JFK were Catholic
  11. Ghostwriting in the White House: Revealing the true authorship of “Profiles in Courage”
  12. The Kennedy’s legacy in American politics
  13. JFK and the Mafia: How one of America's most beloved presidents maintained ties with the world of organized crime
  14. John F Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby: An eye for an eye
  15. Charismatic Kennedy: A look at the speeches that caused a nation to fall in love with him
  16. Kennedy’s widow: How Jackie Kennedy picked up the pieces after JFK’s death for the sake of her children and herself

Any combination of these topics can be used if your intention is to get familiar with the subject matter regarding this iconic president.

By dying early, Kennedy was able to avoid one of the most powerful tools that can be leveled against popular men: the passage of time. He is remembered for many things both good and bad but there are no images of him being shamed for some his worse decisions and most flagrant indiscretions. He will forever be young and hopeful, a symbol of a country that many hope for but will never find.

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