Creating A Term Paper On Information And Communication Technology

Having the acronym ICT, information and communications technology is typically an umbrella term which includes almost all types of communication applications or devices, including television, cellular phones, radio, computers, network systems, software and hardware. The term also applies to various services associated with these devices and applications. From the definition of the term, it is understandable why modern academics frequently require students to submit term papers on this particular area of study. With proper understanding of the structure of your paper, you need to follow other guidelines specific to information and communication technology.

  • Let’s start with the introduction:
  • When you need to create a term paper on ICT, you have to identify which specific issue or problem in ICT you want to investigate and explain. You should also focus on your approach to the research. Do not forget to include your points of interest in investigating an issue in this particular field. Also, you have to present some convincing notes to make others believe that they should really concentrate on the issue. This is how you can create direct contact with your professor or reader. This part will also include what other factors associated with your chosen issue will be discussed in the paper. It is important that you refer all your materials to this section.

  • How you can approach the literature review?
  • You should include the major studies you have done on ICT. As you do research, remember sorting out the individual or organization which has been quoted and cited from your references. You should also cite other sources which you think are useful for your paper. It is important you deliberately verify the reliability and quality of the sources.

  • Body of the term paper:
  • The original research project may vary on the basis of the ICT topic and your methodological preferences. As you are working on an ICT topic, you can rely on a quantitative or statistical study from existing data or well-researched samples of interview attended by experts on this particular subject matter.

  • How you can write conclusions?
  • After all you have done regarding your ICT term paper; it is time to summarize what you have identified as your major findings. Be careful about connecting this section directly to your introduction and everything you said. Take a quick look at your introduction, so you can rest assured you have explained what you actually intend to accomplish.

    Finally, focus on the references and citations. If you use quotations from a technological journal or an authoritative tech blog or a recognized ICT expert, use the citation method preferred by your professor to include the sources.

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