4 Basic Points To Know About The Term Paper Title Format

Choosing a suitable title for your research paper is a tough job. And it is also important that you give it a good though before finalizing a title for your research paper since the title is the first thing that one notices. Thus the title of a research paper exerts considerable influence on the readability and the relevance of the topic chosen by you for the research work.

4 points to keep in mind about the title format of a term paper

When it comes to term papers or research paper there are a few basic rules that should be remembered while adding the title. There are a few basic points of difference between the title formats used for books and for the research paper. Title plays an important role in making the research paper findable. The APA or the American Psychological Association is the most relevant formats accepted by the majority of the Universities.

According to the APA format, there are 4 basic points that should be remembered,

  • It should be aligned at the centre and should be the full title of the research or the thesis.
  • It should be in bold and Caps and in Times New Roman Font.
  • Make sure that the title is in relevance with the topic and gives an idea of what the paper is about at a glance.
  • Include your own name and then the name of the college right below the title in a few points smaller fonts.

The above mentioned 4 points are the basic points followed in formatting the title of a term paper. There is another format, that is, the MLA format which too is used for some research papers. There are a few minor variations in the title styles of these two formats, though both have earned professional credibility in the field of research works. By using any of these formats you can take care of the credibility part.

Importance of title formats in research papers

One of the major usefulness of following a definite format for the title page of a research paper is that, it makes the work look more credible and professional. The formats are designed in a manner so that they provide the primary information about the research work at a go, like what the research work is about and the name of the researcher and the college he or she belongs to.

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