Picking Term Paper Topics: Set Your Imagination Free 

A right topic will help you get started with your term paper. However, students often encounter problems with choosing right topic ideas and put off writing their projects till there is no time to create quality works. If you want to come up with a great idea for your term paper, listen to your “self” and set your imagination free. What are you interested in? What are your plans for the future? Do you want to learn more about some issue? Are there some problems you are deeply concerned about? If the subject of your interest is too broad, read more materials in the niche, and you are likely to find a narrow idea that can be completely covered in your paper.

The following list of term paper topic may be useful. Pick any of the offered ideas to research or use some of them as prompts on what direction to take.

  • Social programs for homeless people in different countries.
  • Investigate how governments or nonprofit organizations help homeless people survive and find their places in life. You may take two countries and compare and contrast their policies in this field.

  • Investigation into using body language by politicians.
  • Look for materials on the issue on the Internet. Conduct research by examples of modern political leaders.

  • To sleep or not to sleep: how do our health and psychological state depend on the quality of rest?

  • Social anxiety: Why are some people shy and socially anxious? How can this problem be treated? Look for all possible methods and solutions.

  • Impact of media streaming on music industry in your country.

  • Development of animation industry: the past, present, and future perspectives.

  • Compare and contrast approaches to training sportsmen for Olympic Games in different countries. How are sportsmen motivated? Which training programs are more effective?

  • Yellow journalism on the World Wide Web. What are the reasons for its increase on the Internet?

  • Origins of hip hop. How did it evolve to a modern popular dance technique?

  • Child’s depression: what are the methods of treatment? How can parents help overcome this problem?

  • How can your long lost relatives or friends be found nowadays? In your term paper, research if there are any social programs or technologies that can help you find specific people.

  • Fashion trends in politics. Investigation into fashion styles of modern politicians. Pay close attention to women’s fashion in politics.

  • New views on education: does unschooling really make sense? Does this method completely deny traditional educational system? Try to find evidence of its effectiveness.

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